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The best time to make friends is before you need them

- Ethel Barrymore
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Trolouce, May 26, 11 11:56 PM.
hey everyone, sorry but i havent been on lately because of internet problems and work but i am back now, everyone who is still active, post something in the shoutbox so i know u still care lol ty


Trolouce, Apr 22, 11 1:03 PM.
lets try crop on the 28th, at 8:00 pm central time

crop time

Trolouce, Apr 19, 11 5:06 PM.
due to lack of ppl being on, the crop was posponed, it can either be on friday 22nd or saturday 23rd sometime after 6:00pm, when will you guys be free to do crop?

ok so crop

Trolouce, Apr 14, 11 1:18 PM.
crop on .... saturday sometime between 7:00pm, and 12:00am exact time unknown. this is in central time (GMT-6:00)


Trolouce, Apr 12, 11 8:47 PM.
Either thurday or saturday thurday it can be between 4:00-8:00 thurs or 8-12 on sat, your choice


Trolouce, Apr 9, 11 1:34 AM.
not exactly rich here, after this crop, i will need to plant another, and it will cost 100 astros +24 astros to plant and accel and thats alot to save up, if anyone can pitch in some boxes, and/or accels that would be great, i have 3 accels, i need 4 more they sell for 6astro each. seed boxes sell for 20 for a pack of 10, we need 50 to plant a crop D:

events info

Trolouce, Mar 31, 11 2:53 PM.
due to the lack of signups for the recruit event, i will extend it another week or two.
due to the amount of people who qualified for the new members win event, the only dice used were, percent die, D10, and 5 different d20's the dice rolls determined how many prizes would be given, and in what order the winners are in. the results will be given in the event's thread later


Trolouce, Mar 27, 11 8:08 PM.
the process of getting crop has been sped up, due to crop seed boxes comin on sale for 15astros/10 rather than 20astros/10 so that means crop is planted!  check the forums for my thread on discussing when the harvest will be, so that we get a good time with everyone on :D 


Trolouce, Mar 22, 11 8:43 PM.

ok, not cheer u up, but its fuqing funny, get u some good lauphs

getting new members

Trolouce, Mar 18, 11 12:20 PM.
we are currently taking a few steps in trying to get new members. if you meet someone online feel free to invite anyone, just keep in mind kids who get too annoying may be kicked. once we hit guild lvl 6, further steps of recruitment will be taken. such may include but not limited too server or channel shouting that we are recruiting. the best time for this to take place is guild lvl 6 or when crops are back into regular use. as lots of people care more about this than whether the guild has a good community. any new recruits DO NOT HAVE IMMUNITY. if there is too many complaints, or they are being too annoying then they WILL get booted people don't like whining little 10 year olds
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